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Dyslexia is a term used to refer reading problems that are not due to poor teaching. 


Dyslexia is often associated with spelling and/or reading difficulty.


Visual stress is NOT the same as dyslexia but is more common in individuals who are dyslexic.


People who fail to read adequately because of visual stress are frequently mis-diagnosed as dyslexic.

What's the solution?

In many cases, visual stress can be reduced by the use of coloured filters. The selection of colour is best undertaken with the help of the intuitive colorimeter.     


A full eye examination is necessary before prescribing precision tinted lenses. 


Appropriately prescribed tinted lenses 

frequently result in reading that is more fluent and comfortable. 


The degree of improvement differs from one individual to another.


After carrying out full sight test and assessment of colorimeter, we can find out if the precision tinted lenses will help that particular individual.


Call us or come in store to discuss options for help with visual stress in Acocks green and options regarding precision tints 



Please call us and talk to our friendly and experienced optometrist if you need any help / advice on visual stress and /or precision tinted glasses.

Visual Stress

In simple terms, visual stress is sensitivity to visual patterns, particularly stripes.

In some individuals, this condition can cause visual perceptual problems which interfere with reading.

Symptoms of visual stress (can occur despite normal vision)

Symptoms of Visual stress (some or all may be present)

· Printed text move

· Print / writing becomes blurry

· Letters change size or/and shape

· Eyes get tired easily when reading

· Headaches and/ or visual discomfort

· Red, sore, watery eyes

Signs of visual stress

Visual stress can cause some / all of the following signs


· A move book around and / or moves closer to or further away from book writing. 

· Fidgets continuously and/or use finger as a marker on the page

· Skips words or line and re-read the same line

· Rub eyes and/ or blinks frequently when reading

Frustration and low self-esteem    


Frustration and low self esteem can occur in children who are under-achieving due to visual stress. Early diagnosis of the problem is essential to help the individual 

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