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Children Eye Care

Eye tests at an early age

Most children have excellent eye sight and do not need to wear optical correction. Some children may have vision screening done at school. However, the earlier the problem picked up, the better the outcome. At New Image Opticians, we carry out a thorough sight test for children. We believe it is vital to have a child’s eyes examined before they begin school life. 

Depending on child’s age, we have a range of tests specifically designed for children that make the eye test fun and we can find out whether a child is hypermetropic (long-sightedness), myopic (short sightless) or if they have rugby ball shape eyes (astigmatism). An eye examination will also tell us if the child has squint (lazy eye). Depending on our findings we would be able to advise if child is better off by seeing someone in hospital eye department for further investigation and treatment or it will be enough to see the child by us. 

We are proud to offer special test for children with dyslexia. Research has shown that in many cases, children with dyslexia and visual stress benefit from precision tinted glasses.  Please call us to find out more about precision tints and how they can help your child with their education. 

Eye examinations for children is covered by the NHS if they under 16 (and up to 18 if in full time education) and an optical voucher can also be used against the cost of spectacles if required. We have a large selection of children’s frames, most of which are free of charge. 

 We have selection designer spectacles for children.

Please visit our practice or call us to find out more children’s eye health.  

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